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Georgian National Ballet "Sukhishvili
25 November 2023

Georgian National Ballet "Sukhishvili

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67 EUR

Cinema teatro Acacia
Via Raffaele Tarantino ,10 Napoli
04 February, 19:00 Krakow 150-275 PLN Buy
05 February, 19:00 Warszawa 215-395 PLN Buy
06 February, 19:00 Lublin 170-245 PLN Buy
07 February, 19:00 Rzeszow 150-245 PLN Buy
09 February, 19:00 Rybnik 145-245 PLN Buy
10 February, 19:00 Czestochowa 145-245 PLN Buy
13 February, 19:00 Zielona Gora 120-225 PLN Buy
14 February, 19:00 Szczecin 125-245 PLN Buy
15 February, 19:00 Koszalin 125-215 PLN Buy
16 February, 19:00 Slupsk 125-215 PLN Buy
17 February, 19:00 Elblag 125-225 PLN Buy
18 February, 19:00 Poznan 150-270 PLN Buy
19 February, 19:00 Bydgoszcz 150-270 PLN Buy
20 February, 19:00 Gdynia 150-275 PLN Buy
22 February, 19:00 Kielce 145-245 PLN Buy
23 February, 19:00 Tseshin 175-245 PLN Buy
03 March, 19:00 Rotterdam 37-92 EUR Buy
07 March, 19:00 Aachen 42-82 EUR Buy
10 March, 20:15 Almere 42-97 EUR Buy
12 March, 19:00 Hague 37-109 EUR Buy

About the show

Georgian National Ballet Sukhishvili with 2 concerts in Naples.

Evenings of impressions at Cinema Teatro Acacia will take place on November 24 and 25, 2023. The concert of the incredible Sukhishvili in Naples promises you a lot of surprise and pleasure. Get ready to be captivated by the beauty of the costumes, amazed by the fantastic dance tricks, and enchanted by the culture of the country of mountains and sea - Georgia.

Amazing Georgian performance in Italy!

“Only when you try some of the movements by yourself you get an idea of how difficult it is to overcome gravity with elegance. Not everybody succeeds. The ballet integrates traditional dances and costumes from different social backgrounds, and from various regions of the country. Some dances from the mountain regions look like real battles or competitions of bravery and courage.”

(c) Euronews 

This performance is shocking, it's sometimes hard to believe what the dancers do on stage. Are they gifted? Do they use any magic tricks? Or maybe it's not as complicated as it seems? Come and see for yourself that everything that happens on stage is an unconditional talent, years of hard work in the dance hall, and incredible passion.

Choose the term that suits you best:

Friday - November 24, 2023 

Saturday - November 25, 2023

And buy tickets on our website or at the city ticket offices.

Concerts start at 19:00. 

More events in Naples are available on our website. See you at the evening of impressions from the Georgian National Ballet “Sukhishvili”.