59 - 79 EUR
Artem Pivovarov
15 June

Artem Pivovarov

59 - 79 EUR

Napoli Casa della Musica
Via Corrado Barbagallo, 115, 80125 Napoli NA

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07 June, 20:00 Zagreb 55 EUR Buy
09 June, 15:30 Milan 59 - 85 EUR Buy
09 June, 20:00 Milan 59 - 85 EUR Buy
12 June, 20:30 Nice 40-150 EUR Buy
22 June, 20:30 Rome 59 - 79 EUR Buy
28 June, 20:00 Athens 39-55 EUR Buy

About the show

Artem Pivovarov's live concert in Naples!

On June 15, 2024, Ukrainian artist Artem Pivovarov, widely known not only in Ukraine but also abroad, will perform in Naples. At Napoli Casa della Musica, you will be able to listen to the artist's music live and feel his incredible energy, which he charges each of his guests with. The artist and his musicians are so devoted to the music on stage that everyone present has the impression that time has stopped and only they and the music exist. Buy tickets for Artem Pivovarov's concert in Naples on our website.

Artem Pivovarov concerts in Italy!

Milan, Rome, Naples! Meet Artem Pivovarov as part of the European charity tour with live concerts in three cities of Italy! Artem Pivovarov and his team surprise every time with the high quality of their shows, special atmosphere and unity with the audience.

Come to relax, to be in the moment, to enjoy your favorite songs and to discover familiar compositions in a new way. By attending his concert, you will also join a charitable cause, as part of the proceeds from each of his performances will be used to buy the most necessary things for Ukrainian defenders. 

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Artem Pivovarov's songs:

  • “Ой на горі”

  • “О, Панно!”

  • “Очі”

  • “Там у тополі”

  • “Минають дні, минають ночі”